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How Do Organisms Reproduce

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09 Birth Control



  • The population of our country is increasing rapidly day by day through our country has sufficient food resources but still many people do not get sufficient food for their large families (having many children) due to poverty.
  • A small family is a happy family.
  • Birth control helps in developing children properly and maintaining the living standards.
  • Birth control can be done by preventing pregnancy in females (or women).



  • Contraception: The prevention of pregnancy in women (by preventing fertilisation) is called contraception. Contraceptive methods are adopted to prevent unwanted conception and to have sufficient gap between successive births.


Some of the contraception methods are:

  • Barrier methods,
  • Chemical methods
  • Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD)
  • Surgical methods.


Barrier Methods: The physical devices such as condoms and diaphragm (or cap) are used.


Chemical Methods

Females use two types of pills: oral pills and vaginal pills, which are made of specific drugs, which will alter the ovulatory cycle.


Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD)

The use of intrauterine contraceptive device called Copper-T is also very effective in preventing pregnancy.


Surgical Methods

  1. The surgical procedure carried out in males is called ‘vasectomy’.
  2. In females a small portion of the oviducts is removed by surgical operation and the cut ends are ligated.

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