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Is Matter Around us Pure?

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Mixtures are of two types:

  • Homogeneous mixture
    • Those mixtures in which the substances are completely mixed together and are indistinguishable from one another are called homogeneous mixtures.
    • They possess the same properties and combination throughout their mass.
    • All the homogeneous mixtures are called solutions.
    • Some examples of homogeneous mixtures are petrol and oil mixture, Salt solution, Copper sulphate solution.
  • Heterogeneous Mixtures
    • Those mixtures in which the substances remain separate and one substance is spread through the other substance as small particles, droplets or bubbles are called Heterogeneous mixtures.
    • They possess different properties and compositions in various parts.
    • In other words, the properties are not uniform throughout the mixture.
    • The suspensions of solids in liquids are also heterogeneous mixtures.
    • Examples are air, oil, water, etc.

Difference between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Mixture:

Homogeneous mixture Heterogeneous mixture
It has uniform composition It has non-uniform composition
It has only one phase There are two or more phases
It can’t be separated out physically It can be separated out physically
‘homo’ means same ‘hetero’ means different
Example: mixture of alcohol and water Example: mixture of sodium chloride and sand

Characteristics of Mixtures:

Mixtures are not made up of fixed proportions. The various characteristics of mixtures are:

  • During the formation of a mixture, there is no change in the energy.
  • All the states of matter (solid, liquid, gases) can combine to form mixtures.
  • The constituents of the mixture can be separated by physical methods.
  • Boiling point and the melting point of the mixture depends upon the characteristic of the constituents.
  • No chemical force acts between the two or more substances that are mixed, but they still exist together.
  • They can either be heterogeneous or homogeneous in nature.
  • The proportions of the substances vary indefinitely.
  • The properties of the mixture depend upon the individual components.

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