Work and Energy

05 Transformation of Energy


  • The change of one from of energy into another form of energy is known as transformation of energy.
  • Example:
    • Transformation at a Hydroelectric Power House
      At a hydroelectric power house, the potential energy of water is transformed first into kinetic energy and then into electrical energy.
    • Energy Transformation at a Thermal Power House
      At a thermal power house, chemical energy of coal is changed into heat energy, which is further converted into kinetic energy and electrical energy.



  • Electric Motor: A motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Electrical energy  Heat energy



  • Electric Iron: An electric iron converts electrical energy into heat energy.
Electrical energy  Heat energy


  • Electric Bulb: An electric bulb converts electrical energy into heat energy which is further converted to light energy.
Electrical energy  Heat energy  Light energy


  • Radio: A radio first converts electrical energy into kinetic energy and then into sound energy.
Electrical energy  Kinetic energy Sound energy


  • Steam Engine: A steam engine converts heat energy into kinetic energy for mechanical energy.
Heat energy  Kinetic energy


  • Car Engine: The car engine converts the chemical energy of petrol into heat energy and then into kinetic energy (or mechanical energy).
Chemical energy  Heat energy  Kinetic energy

(or Mechanical energy)


  • Cell (or Battery): A cell (or battery) converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
Chemical energy  Electrical energy


  • Solar Water Heater: A solar water heater converts light energy to heat energy.
Light energy   Heat energy

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