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02 Uniform and Non Uniform Motion

We do not normally move with a constant velocity all the time. We normally move at higher velocities in deserted areas than in crowded places like markets. However, an average velocity can always be defined. Based on this, motion can be classified into uniform and non-uniform.


  • A body has a uniform motion, if it travels equal distances in equal intervals of time, no matter how small these time intervals may be.
  • It is said to move with constant velocity over the given time period.
  • The distance-time graph or velocity-time graph enables us to know what kind of motion the body has.
  • The distance-time graph for uniform motion is a straight line. The graphs have a constant positive slope.
  • From the  distance-time graph, you will observe:
Change in displacementChange in time = Constant velocity
  • If we take a v – t graph, then the plot is horizontal or parallel to time axis. This shows that  the motion is uniform as it covers equal distance in equal interval of time.


A body is said to perform non-uniform motion, if it travels unequal distances in equal intervals of time.
The distance-time graph for a body having non-uniform motion is a curved line.


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