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Reach For The Top

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06 Reach For The Top

‘Reach for The Top’ is a story about two heroic young girls. The first story is about a young Mountaineer Santosh Yadav and the second part is about Maria Sharapova a tennis sensation of the world. Santosh Yadav was born in a small village of Haryana state. Her family was of the opinion of traditional values and they were adamant to keep their prevailing customs but she rose to the highest glory by her determination hard efforts. In the same way Maria Sharapova rise to the top of tennis world by her hard efforts. She became the world’s number one tennis sensation of the modern world.

“Reach for the Top” is based on the theme that success comes to those who dare and do. This theme runs throughout the account of Santosh Yadav’s education, training and success as a woman mountaineer in a country where discrimination against women is rampant. Santosh defied all odds, customs, traditions and prejudices to script her phenomenal success through hard work, persistent effort, focus on the goal and mental and physical toughness. Santosh has really reached the highest top that a woman mountaineer could reach, not just once but twice. She is a wonderful role-model to emulate.

Similarly, the account of Maria Sharapova focuses on the grand achievements of the tennis player, who earned the title of the world number one in woman’s tennis in 2005. The author reveals that one has to pay a price for reaching the top in the form of hard labour, rigorous training, and sacrifice. Sometimes one has to undergo mental torture too on this path to success, but its rewards are always sweet and satisfying.

Meanings of words and phrases

  • expecting: a pregnant woman
  • contentment: a state of happiness and satisfaction
  • rational: something based on reason or logic
  • affluent: well to do
  • prevailing: exist at a particular time
  • affirmative: agree with or consent to a statement or request
  • Expedition: a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose
  • resistance: the ability not to be affected by something
  • altitude: height above sea level
  • equipped: supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose
  • iron will: determination that cannot be stopped or hindered by anything
  • endurance: the ability to keep doing something difficult or painful for a long time
  • culmination: the end point or final stage of something you have been working toward
  • feat: an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength
  • annals: historical records
  • unique: one of a kind
  • bestowed: confer upon or present
  • enormity: great or extreme scale
  • sink in: fully understand or realize
  • aloft: up in or into the air
  • fervent: have or display a passionate intensity
  • disarming: have the effect of calming suspicion or hostility, especially through ones charm
  • poised: a very calm and controlled behaviour
  • pinnacle: at the top
  • ascent: a climb or walk to the top
  • fiercely: in an aggressive and powerful manner
  • packed off: sent away
  • endure: bear
  • Heart-wrenching: causing great sadness
  • compelled: forced
  • steadfastly: in a determinedly firm and steady manner
  • sentiment: feelings and emotions
  • amply: enough
  • parades: shows off
  • sensations: a widespread reaction of interest and excitement
  • pigeon-holed: categorised

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