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The Fun They Had

08 The Fun They Had


The story ‘The Fun they had’ is set in future when books and schools, as we have today perhaps will not exist. Two students of the period which is about a hundred and fifty years from today, find a printed book. Surprised as they are, they talk about the schools and books of the olden times. They compare those schools with that of their own which are usually located inside their homes. They have mechanical teachers to teach them. Naturally, they find their own schools dull and boring. They think that it would have been a great fun to study in the schools of olden times when all the students went to a particular place to learn. They seem to be excited by the fact that students of a particular age group used to learn the same thing and were taught by a human teacher.

Issac Asimov´s story presents the idea that the future is not absurd at all. He brings out the theme that in the future most things will be done and regulated by computers and technology. The writer also brings out the theme that school is not as bad as pupils always think. Asimov wants to show that this is a good system, because we are in contact with other students, in the breaks we can talk to each other and we have fun with them.

Meanings of words and phrases

  • crinkly : something full of creases or wrinkles
  • attic : a space or room inside or partly inside the roof of a building
  • scornful : showing displeasure
  • superior: an overly high opinion of oneself
  • loftily : an arrogant or haughty manner
  • dispute : an argument
  • nonchalantly : a casually calm and relaxed manner
  • tucked : to cover snugly

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