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The Adventures Of Toto

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05 The Adventures Of Toto

The story ‘The Adventures of Toto’, is about a baby monkey which the author’s grandfather brings home as a pet. But, this little creature is not as well-behaved as they thought it to be. Eventually, after a lot of antics, the grandfather had to return the monkey back.

Meanings of words and phrases

  • feeding-trough: a long, narrow container without a lid that usually holds water or food for farm animals
  • Anglo-lndian: an English person born or living in India
  • pickled: dried and wrinkled
  • scooping up: lift something with your hands or arms in a quick movement
  • delicacy : something especially rare or expensive that is good to eat
  • fussed: concern, distress, or annoyance
  • Peg: a short pin or bolt, typically tapered at one end that is used for securing something in place, hanging things on, or marking a position
  • wrenched: to pull and twist something violently away from its position
  • shreds: small pieces
  • sociably: in the fond company of others
  • accompany: go somewhere with someone
  • abode: a dwelling place
  • turnstile: a gate
  • grin: smile broadly
  • quadruped: animal which has four feet
  • prodded: poke with a finger
  • triumphant: a very great success, achievement, or victory
  • apparent: clearly visible or understood
  • haunches: the fleshy part of the hind legs of an animal
  • jerked: a short sudden movement
  • fastened: to be attached firmly to something
  • sticking out: extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary
  • hauled: to pull or drag with effort or force
  • devoted: committed or dedicated to
  • stuffing himself: to eat a large amount of food at a time
  • spite: a desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone
  • chattered: a series of short, quick high-pitched sounds
  • delight: happiness
  • frequent: something that happens on a regular basis

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