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Potol Babu Film Star

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06 Potol Babu Film Star

The story ‘Patol Babu, Film star’ depicts the dreams and aspirations of small time actors and the apathy of film people for whom making films is a business. The story revolves around Patol Babu, a very common man in his fifties struggling for his living. In his early days he was an acclaimed stage actor. Now, after twenty years, he, once again gets a chance to show his acting skills in a film.

The story brings us to the realization that personal satisfaction is more important than financial rewards. Patol Babu comes to understand that personal satisfaction could not be measured and weighed by money. He acted in the film out of passion he felt toward the job more than because of the money he would make from the job. The writer, Satyajit Ray has highlighted the idea that one does a job because he is interested in it rather than getting rewarded for it. The story appeals as much to our intellect as it does to our heart, just like Satyajit Ray’s films did.

Character Sketch of Patol Babu:

Patol Babu is an unassuming, humble, and modest man. He is a 52 year old man who gets an offer to play an insignificant role of a pedestrian in a film. Initially he gets very excited about his role but is disappointed to know the insignificance and shortness of his scene. But, being a passionate actor who reveres acting and stage, he resolves to give his best to the small role offered to him. He rehearses it many times, infusing different shades of emotions into the word ‘oh’. This shows he is very meticulous.  At last the scene is shot, and everyone appreciates his acting. Finally, he leaves the shooting scene modestly, without even receiving his payment.

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