1 Difference Between Plant Tissue and Animal Tissue

Tissue is a group of cells similar in structure and/or work together to perform a particular function. All cells of a tissue have common origin.

Plant Tissues and Animal Tissues:

Tissues in plants and animals vary in their structure, function, and origin.


Plant tissues Animal tissues
In plants, dead supportive tissues are more abundant as compared to living tissues. In multicellular animals living tissues are more common as compared to dead tissues.
Plant tissues require less maintenance energy.

Animal tissues require more maintenance energy.

In plant tissue, differentiation of meristematic and permanent tissues exists. Such a differentiation is absent in animal tissues.
Meristematic tissues of plants lead to the growth of plants throughout their life. Animals do not show growth after reaching maturity. Reparative growth is, however, present.
Plant tissue has simple organization. Organization of animal tissues is complex with the development of more specialised and localized organs and organ system.
Tissues organization is meant for stationary habit of plants. Tissue organisation is targeted towards high mobility of animals.

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