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07 Pollution of River Water



The pollution of river water is caused by the duping of untreated sewage and industrial wastes into it.


 Detection of Pollutants in River

The contamination of river water can be usually found from two factors:


  • Checking the presence of Caliform: Caliform is a group of bacteria, found in human intestines. The presence of Caliform in water indicates contamination by disease-causing microorganisms.
  • By checking the pH level of the river


Wells and tube-wells (bore-wells) are yet another source of water. Some of the rainwater which falls on earth seeps through the soil and goes down under the surface of the earth. Ultimately this water is stopped by some hard rocks and collects there. This underground water is taken out by digging a ‘well’ into the ground.


Steps taken by the government against river pollution: GANGA ACTION PLAN of  1985


It is the project to clean the Ganga River. It aims to install sewage treatment plants for 27 cities at the bank of the river to handle millions of litres of sewage daily before its discharge into the river. Main pollutants are coliform group of bacteria.



Watershed management emphasises scientific soil and water conservation in order to increase the biomass production.


Usability of watershed management


  • It develop primary resources of land and water, to produce secondary resources of plants and animals without hindering economic balance


  • It mitigates droughts and floods


  • It increases the life of the downstream dam and reservoirs.

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