Control and Coordination

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01 Control and Coordination



Life is balanced between various activities like growth, nutrition, reproduction etc. The pathway that animals and plants follow, for various life processes, are different as they are entirely different forms of living organisms. For example, animals can run away from its predators but plants can’t but they have their own mechanism to counteract the danger they face. However, there are some similarities too.



Stimuli are the changes in the environment to which the organisms respond and react. The response of organisms to stimulus is usually in the form of some movement of their body part. Both, plants and animals react (or respond) to various stimuli around them.


Control and coordination in plants:

Plants have no nervous system, so plants use only hormones for coordination unlike animals that have nervous and endocrine system to balance and control all the activities. Plant hormones perform the function of control and coordination in plants is performed by the chemical substance. Different plant hormones help to coordinate growth, development and responses to the environment.



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